Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year's Resolution

Well. Here I am. Hi. How are you?

Late last night, whilst tucked up in bed, I got this nagging feeling that I had to mark the end of this shitfest of a year (i'm sorry, but it's true), with something positive.  Something that required some creative effort, a vessel to be filled with all my thoughts and words and pictures. A blog.

Actually, I used to have a kick ass blog with lots of followers, on another social networking site, but circumstances changed and I pretty much gave it up. I found myself saying stuff like 'oh, if i still had my blog i would write about that...' and i did that all the time. I really missed it. It was very therapeutic for me. 

And so, this morning, (late last night) I decided that I would simply create a new blog in the New Year. Which of course spans from tomorrow onwards. But then I decided that putting off till tomorrow what could be done today, was no way to start this fresh new year. Nope, not good enough, and so I find myself sitting in front of the computer, right now, at 2.00pm, still in my pyjamas and hungry as hell, determined to get this first post up and live.

Look ma! no hands. And so the deed is done. I am now Mama Flamingo. And this is my blog. I think I will grow into my meme. I love it, but it doesn't sit right with me yet. I love Flamingos, and I hope to be a mama one day. I guess that sums me up right about now. 

Much light,


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