Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday Selections

Zen Gulls

Well lovely people,

My plan for regular updates from my trip to Australia has pretty much died a thousand deaths, due to the absence of wifi in most places I'm staying at. And the lack of editing options through my phone.

This hasn't helped my feeling of isolation I inevitably experience everytime I come back to oz, more specifically, back to my parents home. I love seeing them but their lives are so far removed from mine that it takes me a good week to remind myself that life is what you make of it. And that I'm only visiting them, not moving back there. They live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, beautiful, but not for me.

My resolve to move back to oz wavered the first few days of arriving here, shrouded in the mists of jetlag, rain bucketing outside and watching the news coverage of the dreadful floods throughout the country. And no wifi. I think I may have mentioned that elsewhere.

My visit was originally going to include a visit to Brisbane to visit a few friends, and to see how I would feel about living there. Well, needless to say my plans changed.

Instead, I have been catching up with my family and friends in and around Melbourne, and counting on my fingers lots as I try and convert dollars to pounds. It's like a mantra of sorts.

I'm very lucky that my aunty lives bayside, so I had some wonderful moments of solitude (isolation with options) walking the beach and just, well, sitting quietly to gather my Australian thoughts. With the help of an iPhone app 'inception' , it's an adventure in sound where any outside noise gets incorporated into your listening pleasure and changes the mood of the music you are listening to within the app. It senses rapid movement and explodes into action beats, and recognises when you are still and tones the experience down.

The seagulls invaded my quiet time app and their calls echoed in my ears, in such a trippy way, I couldn't help but feel enlightened. :)

This photo, taken on my iPhone is a pretty accurate representation of what was going on in my head at the time. Brooding with uncertainty but still seeing the positive.

Frustratingly, this is my only contribution to this weeks frogpondsrock's fab photo meme.

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Much light x


  1. What a melancholy, and yet lovely, post! I love the bit about the iPhone and the seagull's trippy cries!

    I don't have an iPhone, and have never heard of 'inception', but I somehow can imagine that quite well.

  2. You should jump on a plane and Visit Tasmania. You are very close and flights are cheap. Our WIFI down here is crap as well but we have lovely scenery and the Mona museum is worth the trip alone. we could have coffee :)

    I love the photo, thankyou cheers Kim