Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Selections

Welcome to Sunday Selections, a perfect little niche for posting up a set of random photographs every so often from my vast bank of computer (or in this case, iphone) files. This is part of a new photograph meme created by the lovely frogpondsrock . I think this is a fantastic idea to share photography with people from all over the world. 

So, this little series, called 'crimbo limbo' was shot on my iphone, in the middle of that festive christmas/new year period. 

crimbo limbo...
...i don't think you are supposed to say you didn't really enjoy christmas. limbo takes over. between holidays, between lives. and this set of photographs taken today in complete solitude within the fog really illustrate how i feel right now. the odd colour cast i chose to shoot with lends to the already surreal atmosphere that was out there on the fields today. but rather than dragging us down, we both really enjoyed it. the rockstar bounded like a puppy. as for me, i liked walking through the thick tangible silence. a parallel universe. a crimbo limbo....
norwich, norfolk, england. wednesday 29th december 2010



  1. oh thank you! that was quick :) I hope to contribute regularly, its a great incentive.

  2. Wow, I love the colors and the mood these images portray!

  3. Just beautiful!! I love the second one, and the horse, too.

    Interesting colour cast. It does seem to suit the pictures - those two in particular. It has a sunsety kind of feel ...

    Incidentally, if you're in Norfolk, you're aren't a million miles away from me!