Monday, 3 January 2011

Testing testing...

from my 'crimbo limbo' series
Hello little lizards,

I'm simply testing Mail2Blogger so that I can email photographs from my phone, straight onto my blog. I'm really excited about this as it will make my blog much more spontaneous.

In the past I had a tendancy to keep drafting, and editing and planning my blogs (i've done it here, right now! some of  this has been added in an edit.) And then the moment would pass, the post would become irrelevant, and it became more like homework. The longer I left it, the more I avoided it.

What spurred me to do this now rather than later is that I fly to oz next week and I won't have access to uploading images through a computer, and the thought of posting without photographs... well, what a barren wasteland that would be...


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  1. YES IT DID! but i shall remember to up the resolution a little before sending...